Vulintus Heads to Washington, DC for SfN 2017

NOVEMBER 2017 - Join us in San Diego at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2016 on November 12-15. Stop by and see us at booth #1729, where we'll be demoing our MotoTrak and OmniTrak systems. It's a great year for MotoTrak! Here's a list of twelve posters that we know of that will presenting MotoTrak data. at least twelve posters with MotoTrak data that we know of, covering a range of motor disorder models. Check out the posters and then stop by to see us to talk about how we can help accelerate your research!

Motor Recovery Lab at Burke MRI Publishes JoVE Video

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Dr. Jason Carmel's Motor Recovery Lab at Burke Medical Research Institute published a video in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) demonstrating how they've used the Knob Supination Task with MotoTrak systems to study spinal cord injuries. The video is open-access, and you can check it out here to see the task in action:

Opti-Speech Clinical Trials at CHSC Featured on WKYC News

MARCH 2017 - Dr. Jennell Vick's clinical trials using Opti-Speech at the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center were featured in a news story on Cleveland's local station WKYC. The Opti-Speech clinical trials are supported by a Phase II SBIR grant from the NIDCD. If you live in or near Cleveland, OH or Dallas, TX and are interested in participating, you can contact Rebecca Mental at CHSC (for OH participants) or Holle Carey at Vulintus (for TX participants).

Vulintus Heads to San Diego for SfN 2016

NOVEMBER 2016 - Join us in San Diego at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2016 on November 13-16. We'll be showing off our MotoTrak forelimb testing systems at booth #3531. If you'd like to see MotoTrak data in action, here's a list of posters from labs currently using MotoTrak to study Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, and Peripheral Nerve Injury.

At our booth you can pick up 1 of the 9 #PartnersInNeuroscience "Rodents on the Loose!" magnets. Take a picture of your complete collection and post it on Twitter or Instagram with #SfN16 and #PartnersInNeuroscience for a chance to win an iPad!

UPDATE: Morgan Coburn was the winner of the Partners In Neuroscience drawing!

MotoTrak Presented in Special InsideScientific Webinar Series

June 2016 - Vulintus' own Dr. Andrew Sloan and UT Dallas' Dr. Seth Hays will present MotoTrak, Vulintus' automated rodent forelimb assessment system. The presentation is part of a special webinar series, Animal Behavior Neuroscience, hosted by InsideScientific. Dr. Sloan will demonstrate typical training and testing protocols for both rats and mice. Dr. Hays will then review his research which has used MotoTrak to investigate neuroplasticity-enhancing therapies for motor dysfunction.

Opti-Speech Presented at the 2016 Motor Speech Conference in Newport Beach

March 2016 - Dr. Thomas Campbell will be presenting "Opti-Speech: A Visual Biofeedback System for Speech Treatment" and Dr. Jennell Vick will be presenting "Speech Motor Learning without Auditory Perceptual Tuning: An Opti-Speech Trial". Additionally, Vulintus' own Holle Carey will also be on-site to answer questions about Opti-Speech product development and to obtain valuable feedback related to new features.

Study Demonstrates that Visual Feedback with Opti-Speech Boosts Skill Acquisition During Speech Training

November 2015 - Congratulation to Dr. William Katz and Sonya Mehta of UT Dallas on their study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Their study used Opti-Speech to show that "visual feedback of one's own tongue movements boosts skill acquisition during the learning of consonant place of articulation."

Vulintus & NDI Demonstrate Opti-Speech at ASHA 2015 in Denver

November 2015 - Project leader Holle Carey will be demonstrating the Opti-Speech interactive speech therapy software at NDI's exhibit booth at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in Denver on Nov. 12-14. Vulintus and NDI are partnering to integrate our Opti-Speech software with NDI's 3D electro-magnetic articulography systems. Stop by booth #1117 to see the system in action and to check out "Ichabod", Holle's robotic Opti-Speech spokesperson.

PLOS One Paper Cross-Validates MotoTrak with Skilled Reaching and Pasta Matrix

NOVEMBER 2015 - In a new paper published in PLOS One, an isometric pull forelimb assessment using Vulintus' MotoTrak system is compared against standard skilled reach and pasta matrix assessments for rats. All three assessments show significant motor deficits after an ischemic stroke, but only the isometric pull task shows chronic deficits lasting throughout the 6 weeks of post-stroke testing.

MotoTrak Mouse Data Published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods

OCTOBER 2015 - Congratulations to April Becker and her colleagues in Mark Goldberg's Neurorepair Lab at UTSW Medical Center on their new article published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Their study used MotoTrak for the isometric force task and measured the volitional pull strength of mice before and after a photothrombotic stroke in motor cortex.

Vulintus Heads to Chicago for SfN 2015

OCTOBER 2015 - Join us in Chicago at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2015 on October 18-21. We'll be showing off our MotoTrak forelimb testing systems at booth #1667. Our reward dispensers are filled with M&Ms, so drop by and pretend to be a lab rat to get some treats!

Vulintus Receives NIH Phase II SBIR Funding for OptiSpeech

SEPTEMBER 2015 - The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders awarded Vulintus $1.5M for a two-year Phase II SBIR project to run a multi-site efficacy study of the OptiSpeech system for speech therapy and to create commercial-ready beta systems. Holle Carey is the principal investigator.

Vulintus Starts On-Field Testing of NeuroTriage System

AUGUST 2014 - Working with the University of Texas at Dallas, Vulintus is testing our NeuroTriage system for on-field diagnosis of concussions on the sidelines of high school football games. Here's our CEO Robert Rennaker in an Associated Press news story:

Vulintus' NeuroTriage System in the News

AUGUST 2014 - Vulintus CEO Robert Rennaker has been making the rounds in the local news to talk about concussions in high school sports and how the NeuroTriage system can help.